the beautiful gold-yellow Belle's gown

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Inspiration

A tale as old as time is what the brides love. These beautiful pictures are inspired by the the live-action Beauty and the Beast film coming up and by all the Disney lovers.  A team of amazing creatives in the wedding industry got together and created this fairytale and enchanting styled[…]

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How to Share Your Engagement News

Getting engaged is a special event that should involve more than a quick post on Facebook. Since it usually only happens once, it is so much more fun to break the news in as special a way as possible. Instead of getting a flood questions on Facebook or your other[…]

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Wedding invitation for a winter wonderland wedding. The trim of pearls and the diamond glitter make this invitation card one of a kind

Etiquette and Wedding Invitations

When it comes to weddings, the formal ideas about etiquette have changed. The changes have happened quickly, with very little warning. Even though wedding etiquette has changed, the idea that etiquette is about being nice to each other hasn’t. So, what do you do when you want to invite people[…]

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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invitation Styles & Presentation

Ordering your wedding invitations is one of the most important steps in planning the big day. But, like shopping for the dress, ordering the cake, and selecting a venue, choosing the best wedding invitations can be overwhelming. There are so many components that go into picking the perfect invitations. At[…]

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Gold lasercut invitation suite

Boxed Wedding Invitations is the Invite Game Changer

Check out our interview and blog written by Marie Tabela from When it comes to weddings (or any big event), the tone is set with the invitations. The invitations are so much more than just a piece of paper that tells the who, what, where, when and why of[…]

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Metallic dresses are beautiful during year round

Making a Fall Wedding Elegant

  Fall is a comfortable time of the year. From cozy hoodies to pumpkin spice everything, fall does not strike images of elegance. When you are looking to have a fall wedding, you are not limited to featuring pumpkins, leaves, and barns. If you want an elegant and luxurious wedding[…]

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When Is It Acceptable to Have a Wedding on a Holiday? Fall Edition

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we at Boxed Wedding Invitations thought we would discuss the controversial idea of getting married on a holiday. The holidays in question include the fall and winter favorites including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Of course, anyone can schedule a wedding on[…]

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Fabulous Fall Wedding Fête

While spring and summer weddings are known for bright and cheery colors, a fall wedding can involve an absolutely stunning feast. Fall is the time of harvest, so there are plenty of unforgettable ways to work favorite fall foods into any wedding. Imagine the scene of any wedding that occurs[…]

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Wedding Planner 101

Every bride and groom should work with a wedding planner. No, not necessarily a human one, but a printed one. A great wedding planner can make the process of knowing what needs to be done, from the moment the engagement is announced until the last wedding gift is opened. Choosing[…]

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