How to Share Your Engagement News

Getting engaged is a special event that should involve more than a quick post on Facebook. Since it usually only happens once, it is so much more fun to break the news in as special a way as possible. Instead of getting a flood questions on Facebook or your other favorite social media platforms, why not go all out and make the announcement a celebration.

Once your engagement is official, it is a good idea to tell your parents. One of the classiest ways to tell them is with a beautiful boxed announcement. Our elegant boxes are customized to fit our invitations, but they can also be used for other special events – like announcing your engagement to your parents. Instead of a phone call or a text message, why not show up at your parents’ houses with special news in a luxurious invitation box from Boxed Wedding Invitations. You can make it extremely personal by including a casual photograph of the two of you, even one that recreates the moment that you said “Yes.”

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It is also a good idea to tell your children (if you or your partner have them). You can do this in the same way, depending on their age. Teenagers or older children would appreciate a lovely engagement announcement – as long as it is before friends or more distant family members find out.

Once the most important people in your life have been properly notified of the big news, the rest of your family can find out in a personalized way, too. Again, forgo the mass social media post and go for something fun, like a party or a dinner. If you and your family like to spend time together at a specific location, make arrangements for everyone to meet at that spot so you can make the announcement with everyone together. This will help reduce the number of questions you get and it will give everyone ample time to get to know you and your soon-to-be spouse.

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Phone calls are a great way to share the news, but so few people actually answer the phones that it might not be the best way to share anymore. A more fun way to share the news is with an engagement party. There are never enough reasons for people to get together, so why not have an engagement party! You can share the news with our beautiful invitations in boxes or not so that your friends and family can get the idea about the type of wedding you plan to have. The engagement party does not have to be as luxurious as the invitations. You could throw a casual BBQ or a night out for chicken wings at your favorite spot. It could even be a fun day at the local park where everyone brings a dish to pass.

Then, after all of the special people in your life have heard the news, share the engagement on social media. This will let the people that may not be invited to your wedding (like the girls in your yoga class or the people who might work in your building) know that you are in the midst of a special time in your life.



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