Wedding invitation for a winter wonderland wedding. The trim of pearls and the diamond glitter make this invitation card one of a kind

Etiquette and Wedding Invitations

When it comes to weddings, the formal ideas about etiquette have changed. The changes have happened quickly, with very little warning. Even though wedding etiquette has changed, the idea that etiquette is about being nice to each other hasn’t. So, what do you do when you want to invite people to your wedding? Since we at specialize in boxed invitations and stationery, it’s up to us to let you know what you can do to get your friends and family to actually get to your wedding.

Do you have to send “Save the Date” cards?


The biggest change in wedding invitations is the “Save the Date” card. This is a new invitation creation so there are very few rules regarding them. They are handy to send out to friends and family, especially if you know that your wedding date will be during a busy time of the year. They are also helpful to send out if you are holding a destination wedding. If you do decide to send them, be sure that your wedding date is set in stone – especially if you are sending out the cards six months to 12 months in advance.

When should you send your invitations?

Now that families and friends are often spread out over hundreds and thousands of miles, it is a good idea to give your guests time to make plans. And, most will only make official plans if they get an official invitation. Older guests might not be familiar with the idea of a “Save the Date” card, so they want to see the real, actual invitation. For most guests, mailing invitations three or four months is a good rule of thumb, especially if your family is far away from the location of your wedding. It’s definitely better to send them out earlier, rather than later.

What do you include on the invitation?

Wedding invitation for a winter wonderland wedding. The trim of pearls and the diamond glitter make this invitation card one of a kind

A fun little poem might be cute to the people who really know you well, but in reality, most of your wedding guests could care very little about this. They want to see the basic information about your wedding. This is why our collection of invitations includes the who, what, when, and where that people need to know. A good rule of thumb is to keep the invitations simple. Another important part of weddings is the registry. While you do not include the information about your registry on the invitation, it is a good idea to include information in the invitation envelope. In previous years, the registry information was spread via word-of-mouth, but when people live far away, they just want the details.

Do you need a wedding website?

The short answer is maybe. If you have special requests for guests, complicated maps, or other unique issues, a wedding website is something that will be appreciated. If you do want your guests to use the website, you need to include the URL in your invitation envelope. If you do not tell your guests about the website, they will not use it.

Do you need to include RSVP cards?


Yes. If you have to place an order for food, then you will need to know how many people will actually show up. Our invitations do have coordinating RSVP cards, but if you are planning on a wedding website, you could also give your guests the options of RSVPing online. When it comes to RSVP options, you want to make it as easy for your guests as possible.

If you have any questions about etiquette and invitations, do not hesitate to contact us at We are here to help make your wedding a success.


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