The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invitation Styles & Presentation

Ordering your wedding invitations is one of the most important steps in planning the big day. But, like shopping for the dress, ordering the cake, and selecting a venue, choosing the best wedding invitations can be overwhelming. There are so many components that go into picking the perfect invitations.

At Boxed Wedding Invitations, we pride ourselves on making beautiful invitations that set the stage for your special day. We also want you do know what you are ordering and why your invitations are so special. Our invitations are not only beautiful on their own, but we take pride in the elegant way they are presented. Here is a quick guide to invitations styles and presentation options:

Styles of Invitations

Bifold: These are invitations that look like greeting cards with one single fold down the middle of the paper. They are sometimes called “folder” invitations due to the fact that the invitation can hold cards and enclosures.

Gatefold: This invitation opens in the middle, like a gate. It has the same amount of paper as a bifold, but it has two folds that make up half of the back piece. They could have folders on the panels.


Trifold: This is an invitation that is folded like an accordion, with information about the wedding on the main panel, with accessory information on the others.

Design Enhancements

Belly bands: These are pieces of fabric or paper or other materials that wrap around the invitation package. They add a level of elegance and style.


Edge painting: Invitations with glitter trim have design elements around the edges of rather thick, often beveled card stock. Edge painting serves as a unique frame for the wording on the paper.


gold glitter invitations

Monogram: This is the inclusion of initials. In some cases, the new couple’s first initials are paired with their shared last initial. Some brides and grooms will use their new monogram as the motif of their wedding.


Motif: This is the theme of your wedding. It can be placed on the invitation and other paper products. In some cases, the motif is an image, a color, or a design – like a wedding bell, or intertwined rings, or something else that is special to the couple. It could also be a favorite font, too.

Watercolor invitation suite

Perforations: These are the little holes that are added to paper to add a special effect to the invitation. They can be subtly placed to give a sneak peek of what is underneath.

Gold lasercut invitation suite the-click-chick-photography-22-1-1080x467

Presentation Styles

Boxed: These are stylistic boxes that are enclosed in silk, velvet, or other beautiful textiles. The invitation is mailed in these boxes so the receivers have a special moment opening them. It is a very luxurious way to share information about any event.


Envelopes: This is the traditional way to present an invitation. Today’s invitations can be mailed in decorative or colorful envelopes so the receiver can see the color palette the bride and groom have chosen.

At Boxed Wedding Invitations, we love the look of an elegant gatefold invitation. In many cases, we pair them with belly bands or with perforated covers to add intrigue to the words and design underneath. We invite you to visit our Instagram page for ideas on adding your favorite colors and your personal style to your wedding invitations.

If you have any questions about how we can help you design an unforgettable wedding, please contact us at, toll-free at 800-386-1203, or through our contact page


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