When Is It Acceptable to Have a Wedding on a Holiday? Fall Edition

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we at Boxed Wedding Invitations thought we would discuss the controversial idea of getting married on a holiday. The holidays in question include the fall and winter favorites including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

Of course, anyone can schedule a wedding on any day, but whether or not guests will actually attend is a different matter altogether. The idea of a wedding on a holiday also creates an issue with the theme of the party. So, if you have a wedding on Halloween, must you use black and orange as your colors or can you celebrate in a way that does not reflect the traditions of October 31?

When it comes to Halloween wedding, why not go for it? This is a holiday that is meant for fun. If you do decide to have a wedding on Halloween, it does make sense to go all out and add costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and cobwebs. Otherwise, why have it on this special day? At Boxed Wedding Invitations, our customizable invitations, like the Jenna Invitation Box comes in black satin and can be accessorized with a bright orange ribbon.


While Halloween weddings are fun opportunities that guests will happily attend, a Thanksgiving wedding might not be as well received. Most couples will not actually get married on the Thursday of Thanksgiving, so this leaves the Wednesday before and the weekend after. Family will travel long distances to spend time together and Wednesday is often the day of traveling. The weekend is usually the time where people shop and spent time relaxing. They may not want to spend an entire day at a wedding, unless the whole family focus is on the wedding for the weekend. Another reason why a Thanksgiving wedding might not be popular with guests is the fact that hotel reservations are quite expensive during this holiday.

Wedding Invitation in blush and white wrapped with a beautiful silk ribbon and crystal embellishment

If you do get married during the Thanksgiving weekend, our Classic Romance Wedding invitation gives a hint to your guests that the wedding will be fun and elegant. The clusters of pearls show your dedication to style and substance. The invitation card looks fantastic in the Silk Gatefold box with the crystal clasp.

When it comes to Christmas and New Year’s Day, it is best to avoid them. Many people will vacation during this time of the year and unless your wedding is a destination wedding at a ski slope or a tropical island, you are better off choosing another time. New Year’s Eve is a definite no-no, unless you are having a very small, private ceremony. Since Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall a week apart from each other on the calendar, you could have your wedding between those dates, but be prepared for a low turn out, because that week is extremely busy for families.

Wedding invitation for a winter wonderland wedding. The trim of pearls and the diamond glitter make this invitation card one of a kind

If you do want to capture the fun of the New Year, the Glitz & Glam Invitation Card is full of fun. You can choose your favorite glitter color to capitalize on the joy of the New Year.


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