Rustic and Chic table decoration

Wedding Tablescapes

When it comes to getting married, planning out every little detail is important to you. One of the most important parts of that process is the look and feel of every table at the reception. There are so many ideas that can come to mind. Bridal parties have been getting creative when it comes to table decorations but at the end of the day it’s whatever you want. Here are some ideas from previous weddings (photos from Pinterest):

Rustic and Chic table decoration

This table decoration is simple yet rustic chic at the same time. By incorporating minimal flowers and a few votive candles you actually create a stunning yet simplistic look.

By adding a decorative table runner and adding some colorful flowers and greenery you take a simple look and elevate it with minimal expense. It’s a way to capture attention without having to spend a fortune.

decorative table runner on your wedding day

By adding decorative greenery running down the table and enhancing the candle holders you can create a rustic but upscale look for your wedding tables. Remember it’s small touches that can change the entire look of your table

Table Runner Greenery

If you love that vintage look then get that look and feel by simply incorporating some vintage looking fabric as your table runner or to be intertwined throughout your table.

Beautiful sheer table runner

There are small touches that you can add to make your receptions tables simple yet stunning or elevated and over the top. You are only limited by your imagination. Be creative. Use items to decorate with that says something about you. Every little touch makes a statement about you so what are your table decorations saying about you?

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