Beautiful gatefold invitations

Ask a Date to Homecoming with Boxed Invitations

Asking a date to the Homecoming Dance is not as easy as it once was. Long gone are the days of just asking. Now, high school students need to create invitation that will not only get the date, but impress the date as well. Instead of doing something cliche like making a poster or giving out balloons, a boxed invitation is luxurious and completely unexpected.

Purple boxed wedding invitation & crystal embellishment

Our boxed wedding invitations can be used for more than just weddings and bridal showers. They can be customized with any message and can be ordered in any amounts – even one. They can be coordinated to match the theme of the dance, the color of the car you expect to drive, or the outfits you and your date plan to wear. The only limit is the imagination.

Beautiful gatefold invitations

Imagine the surprise your potential date will experience finding a custom printed, beautiful invitation. Then, you can coordinate the invitation with one of our favor boxes for the corsage or boutonniere. You could even order a custom printed schedule for the night and create an epic event that high school students only dream of.

Luxurious wedding invitations are more affordable than most people think, especially if you are only ordering one. They are less expensive than large balloon bouquets and other homecoming date idea that have been used over and over again. While balloons deflate and flowers wither, a boxed wedding invitation is small enough that your date will be able to keep it forever. Not only will you impress your date with your imagination and forethought, but your date will have a special keepsake that no one else will have.

If you have any questions about using our elegant boxed wedding invitations and how to completely personalize them for your wedding, please contact us via email at info@boxedweddinginvitations.com or by calling us at 800-386-1203. We would love to help you create the perfect invitation for your beautiful event.


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