Out of This World Celebrity Engagement Rings

When it comes to rings, every woman wants to show off her engagement ring. It signifies that moment when the statement was made that life is going to change. Every girl dreams of her big day. The day when she walks down the aisle in a stunning wedding gown but she also dreams of that moment when the man of her dreams pops the big question and plants that amazing ring on her finger. Celebrities are no different. Well maybe a little different because they often have some amazing bling on their ring finger.

It’s not always the engagement ring per say but how that ring makes you feel and the love behind the one who gave it to you. Celebrities are no different. While they may have a little more pizzazz the sentiment is still the same…… exists. Let’s take a closer look.

Lady Gaga not only got an amazing man in actor Taylor Kinney but she got an amazing heart shaped, diamond engagement ring

lady gaga

Big is an understatement when we look at Latoya Jackson’s engagement ring. This whopping 17.5 carat ring from fiancé Jeffre Phillips is one ring you definitely will see

latoya jackson

Amber Heard sealed the deal when Johnny Depp gave her a huge rock of an engagement ring

amber heard

Scarlett Johansson highlighted an amazingly creative art deco engagement ring. Her rings stands out just like she does. Gorgeous.

scarlet johansson



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