Amazing Wedding Destinations

Now that you have decided to get married and you’ve selected the design for your beautiful boxed wedding invitation, it’s time to select that amazing destination that will solidify the love you two share for one another. Finding the perfect wedding destination can truly transform your magical day.

Here is a list of some of the hottest wedding destinations that you may want to consider:

Sea Island, Georgia (photos by Thinkstock)

Sea Island - Georgia

Sea Island is known for its amazing views. The beaches are mesmerizing with water that is so turquoise you wonder if it’s real. You get a luxury island feel without the hassle of it being a tourist destination. If you’re wondering what there is for your guests to do don’t fret. There is horseback riding, fishing, golf, a spa and so much more. If you choose this spot as your wedding destination then you want to get married in late spring or early fall because you have to watch the weather during hurricane season.

Northern California

Northern California wedding

If you are looking for the best of the city with the feel of the country then Northern California is the place to be. With 65 degree whether just about all year long, you can’t ask for better a better setting. San Francisco is one of the cities often selected for a wedding. Surrounded on three sides by water you will find everything from tranquil parks and Victorian homes to amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge and beautiful waterways.

Lake Placid, New York

Lake Placid Wedding

Well this is a far cry from the lake featured in the Hollywood movie named after this beautiful lake. For many wedding couples, this is the ideal location believe it or not for a winter wedding. The alpine village and winter resort makes this an amazing destination. You can even book a gondola ride up the waterway at Whiteface Mountain. How wonderful does that sound? Combine that with a room at the lakeside lodge and you’ve got a destination to remember. Not to mention there is so much to do with your wedding party and guests before and after your wedding

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado wedding

Aspen is a popular wedding destination. The landscape is truly breathtaking. Not to mention there is skiing, amazing restaurants and plethora of other things to do. Aspen is one of those destinations that is beautiful all year long. While many couples use this location for winter wonderland weddings, it is just as amazing in the spring and summer months.


No matter where you go, the key is to find a wedding destination that represents you as a couple. If you love the outdoors then tie the outdoors into your wedding. If you’re more artsy and eclectic, then tie that into your wedding. This is your day. So make it amazing and memorable.

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