The Dangers of Fall Weddings That You Need to Avoid

Fall Wedding Decor

Fall weddings are becoming more popular than ever. The color schemes alone lend to some amazing and breathtaking weddings. However there are a few things that you need to be aware of when it comes to planning that fall wedding. These include:

  • Indoor versus Outdoor – It’s easy to say that because of all the beauty that the fall seasons holds that you want to do an outdoor wedding but depending on your location you have to know that fall temperatures can get cold and wet. If you are set on doing an outdoor wedding prepare for the unexpected. Perhaps have some heaters on standby or a nice touch for a rustic wedding would be to have a basket of throws available for guests to wrap up in. It’s always advised to have a backup plan for rainy weather.
  • Pick flowers that are in season! Too often the bride can get her head wrapped around a specific flower only to realize that the flower is out of season in the fall. Any florists will tell you that using flowers that are in season are going to be a lot friendlier on your wedding budget. Some brides have even gone outside of the box and added things like twigs and small ornamental fruits to their bouquets.

Fall Wedding Bridesmaids Bouquets


Scheduling can often get difficult in the fall. With so many holidays around that time frame you need to make sure that you can get your venue and that it’s at a time when guests can attend.

  • Watch out for allergies. While fresh, natural flowers and foliage make for stunning views, allergy sufferers may have a change of heart. Imagine the wedding photos your bridal part will take if half their eyes are red from allergies. So consult your bridal party when you’re thinking of using all natural flowers and foliage.

Fall weddings are simply breath-taking and beautiful but as with most seasons, some preparation needs to be made for those unforeseen things like Mother Nature.

Fall Wedding

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