Ideas for Including Loved Ones in Your Spring Wedding

It’s spring time and it’s time to start planning your wedding. Weddings always bring with them so many things to do; so many decisions to be made. People generally pick a specific season to be married in for a reason. It’s not merely because of the weather but because of some theme that they have in mind. When the world is starting anew; spring time is the perfect time for a wedding.

While weddings are special they are also solemn reminders that loved ones who have passed on are not in attendance. However, just because they’re physically not there doesn’t mean that they can’t be there in spirit.


There are numerous ways you can include you loved ones who are no longer here include:

  • Create a Photo Display or Collage – Add pics of your loved ones in a display or collage. This pic taken from Pinterest is one beautiful example.

Photo Display

  • Momentos – Carry a piece of your loved one with you down the aisle. It could be using their handkerchief to wipe away your tears or perhaps a small photo tucked away in your wedding dress or the grooms tuxedo. There are numerous ways you can incorporate your loved ones momentos into your wedding.
  • Charitable Donations – In lieu of wedding gifts, some couples have opted to have donations made to their loved ones favorite charity in their name.

Sweet Charity

  • Memory Tree – Hang small frames from an indoor or outdoor tree depending in your wedding location of your loved ones. This allows guests to easily see them and make their presence known in the room.
  • Use Clothing – Used old ties or clothes as fabric in your decorations. It will add a unique touch to any wedding or reception.

Your loved ones are always in your heart so why not make them apart of your wedding? By getting creative and thinking of unique ways to incorporate them, it will be like they are there with you.

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