How to Add a Touch of Spring to Your Wedding

Spring weddings seem to be in the air. That’s because spring signifies new life. Nothing says a new life like getting married. It’s the start of something new.

Having a wedding in spring is a popular choice for many. That’s because there are an array of colors, patterns and flowers that can be incorporated into any wedding and/or reception. To add a little bit of spring, try some of these ideas:

The use of fabrics in decorations has become a common theme. Use fabrics in an array of pastel spring colors to enhance your wedding color scheme.

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  • Try combining patterns into your theme. Whether it’s fabric or paper, mix and match patterns to add a fun twist that will make your wedding sparkle.
  • Add pop to your reception by picking various shades of your wedding colors to decorate your reception tables. The various shades of the same color will break up the look of the room.
  • When picking a font for your announcements, invitations, etc. pick a whimsical font that will evoke that feeling of springtime. There are a variety of fonts out there like “new garden” that are still classy yet fun. Here is an example:

Spring Wedding

  • When it comes to floral table arrangements make them feel more like spring by having the florist add decorative fruits and berries to the mix. This gives the arrangement a fresh spring look that says fresh from the garden.
  • Incorporate decorative wreathes into your theme. They can be placed on tables with a hurricane lamp set in the middle for that rustic spring touch or they can be hung from various locations.
  • Fill your reception with a bounty of flowers. From vases with a single flower or a few flowers to an entire basket full of flowers. This will bring your reception area to life.
  • If you are serving punch at your wedding reception, add fresh fruit into the punch. This will also add a spark of color and look very festive.
  • Opt for lamb instead of beef when it comes to your dinner.
  • Instead of hot soups try and serve a chilled soup like strawberry bisque. You could even add them in small shot glasses for a quick pop of spring.
  • When choosing your wedding cake, go for spring flavors like lemon or strawberry.
  • Go with a vintage Rolls Royce and have the wedding of your dreams!!

With these simple steps you are well on your way to bringing some of that spring fever into your wedding.

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