Inspirational Boxed Wedding Invitations

Weddings are the one thing most people look forward to. That’s because a wedding signifies a union between two people. It highlights their love and happiness. When it comes to planning a wedding there is so much to do but one of the first and most important things to do, after setting the date, is to begin thinking of your wedding invitation.

Couture Wedding Invitation Box

The wedding invitation commemorates the announcement of your wedding ceremony. It is one of those things that people often keep and hold onto as a memento. The wedding invitation makes a statement. It says “I am so in love with this person that I want share the rest of my life with them.” So naturally, any bride wants her wedding invitation to be a perfect representation of the happy couple.

Ivory & Purple Invitation Box

Today’s wedding invitations are far from boring. While there are the traditional wedding invitations there are also unique boxed wedding invitations. Some people often wonder why anyone would want a boxed wedding invitation but the real question is “why not?”

Couture Wedding InvitationA boxed wedding invitation stands out amongst all other wedding invitations. People take notice of them.  That’s because a three dimensional invitation over a flat 2D invitation is always going to stand out. The best thing about a boxed invitation is that it can literally be custom designed to fit your sense of style as well as your wedding theme and colors.

Couture Invitation Box Boxed wedding invitations can have an array of fabrics as well if you desire. You can have everything from a matte finish to a soft and silky material. You can include flowers or other embellishments and you can have unique paper or card stocks that will make your invitation pop. Really you’re only limited by your imagination.

Wedding Invitation Card and Box

The best part is the look on the invitee’s faces when they get this amazing invitation. It’s almost like receiving something from the royal couple because they are simply that beautiful. Start today by figuring out what type of invitation you want but most importantly, make sure it represents you.

Starfish Beach Wedding

Luxury Boxed Wedding Invitation

Silver Invitation Box

Glitter Invitation Card

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