Unique Additions to Make Any Wedding Special

If you are planning your wedding and you are looking for some unique ways to enhance your wedding and/or reception then keep reading. It’s normal to want your wedding to stand out in the crowd. Here are some unique ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding (Photos: Pinterest):

This sign made easily out of wood encompasses everything that a wedding is about; bringing family together. It’s easy to get caught up on if a guest is on the bride’s side or the groom’s side.

However, weddings are about coming together and becoming one. That means friends and family become one as well. After all, if you have a party are you just inviting one side and not the other? Of course not, so start your marriage off on the right foot. This sign will help get you there.

Weddings are all about romance. Create ambiance and get your weddings guests in the mood for love by lining the aisle of your wedding venue with candle filled lanterns. This creates a soft; romantic setting. In addition, it creates a unique look for your wedding that will be memorable and beautiful.

Candle Filled Lanterns for Wedding

Give your guests something fun to do while at the reception. Add a “Kissing Bell” so that your guests can spark love and romance by getting the bride and groom to kiss.

To save yourself from that overzealous guest you can create rules for the kissing bell such as the bell can only be rung once by each table or something along that line.

Kissing Bell

Create an anniversary box. In a wooden box add a bottle of your favorite wine. Then have your guests add notes to the bride and groom. These could be tips to keep the magic alive or just a note to say what you mean to them. Then, the bride and groom need to create a note for one another and place it in the box as well. On your first anniversary, open the box together and share what’s inside. Boxes can also be created for 5 and 10 year anniversaries

Anniversary Box

Most weddings are traditional in the sense that they generally have a tiered wedding cake or single tiered layers scattered on a table. Why not go outside the box and create a wedding cake that is truly stunning and memorable; a single layer, heart shaped cake? This cake is truly breathtaking and has love written all over it.

Heart Shaped Cake

Weddings can be emotional for guests. For many, tears of joy will flow. A great way to think of your guests is to include a hanky in each wedding program. Tuck them away in a nice little pocket that reads “For Happy Tears or For Tears of Joy”. It’s a special little touch that makes your wedding even more special

Wedding Program

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