What You Need to Know When It Comes to Your Wedding Venue

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He has proposed! Excitement is everywhere. You spotted the most beautiful boxed wedding invitations that standout from the traditional invitation. Yet before you even begin to think of invitations you need to think of so many other aspects. Now it’s time to begin planning one of the most important days of your life. However before you begin to plan anything the first thing you need to decide is “where” are you going to have the wedding? Deciding on your venue will determine a lot where your wedding ceremony is concerned.

To decide on your wedding venue remember to ask (yourself and/or the venue) the following questions:

  • Do you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding? Knowing if you want to have your wedding inside or outside will help you begin to narrow down locations for your wedding. This is one of the first questions you need to answer before moving forward. You will then want to pick three locations that you like so that you can inquire on their availability. You need to always have a backup location in case one isn’t available or will not work for your wedding. This is why it is recommended that you initially choose three locations.
  • Is the date available? You will automatically be able to delete one or two of your potential locations simply based on if they have availability for the date of your wedding.
  • What is the cost for the venue? You need to know how much your potential venue is going to cost. If the amount required is astronomical and out of your budget then there is no need to look any closer at the location.
  • How many guests are you anticipating? Your venue selection will also be determined by the number of guests that are anticipating coming to your wedding. There’s no point in choosing an amazingly beautiful location if it can’t accommodate the number of guests you are inviting.
  • Is there a down payment and if so how much? Some locations require a down payment. You need to know how much is required because this has to factor into your budget as well.
  • Is there ample parking? You need to make sure that your venue has enough parking for all your guests as well as any vendors that you use.
  • Can you bring in outside food or are you required to order through them? Some venues require that you only use their authorized vendors for all your food and beverage requirements. Other locations will allow you to use whatever vendor you want or to bring in your own food if you are having a DIY wedding.
  • What about sound? All weddings/receptions have music whether it’s a DJ or a band. Will there be a problem when it comes to this? What is the noise policy? While most weddings are not a nuisance, remember that sound carries.
  • Are there any rental fees or is it included in the price of the venue? If you need tables and chairs does that come in the price of your venue rental or is there an additional fee?
  • Is there a backup for inclement weather? If you decide to have an outdoor wedding, does the venue have a backup plan in case there is inclement weather? If the worst should happen, you don’t want your entire wedding ruined because the weather changed and now it is raining.
  • Can you get into the venue early? You need to know whether or not you will be able to get into the venue early enough to decorate and set up.
  • What is the cancellation policy? While we hope that there is never a need to cancel a wedding, we know that sometimes emergencies happen. If something unforeseeable does happen, can you cancel your venue and is there a cancellation fee?

By asking these questions when it comes to your wedding venue you can find the location that will work perfectly for you. Every wedding day should be special without any problems. These questions will help you have the day you’ve been dreaming of and so much more.

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