Today’s Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles

For women, getting married is not only the day that they are going to marry the man of their dreams but it’s also about every special detail of that day. For brides, every detail must be perfect; from the decorations and food to the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses and flowers. It’s only natural that every bride wants to look exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day and her makeup and hair are no exception.

Here is a look into some of today’s most popular wedding hairstyles for the bride-to-be (photos taken from Pinterest):

Style #1

This exquisite hairstyle gives the traditional and classic bun a new twist. This spiraled bun is classy yet trendy and elegant. It is ideal for the bride who wants something that makes a subtle statement without being overly done.

Style #1

Style #2

This tussled twist gives the bride-to-be an elegant look that is almost ethereal. The tussled twist brings a modern twist to your classic bun. The multiples layers that are twisted around one another are perfect for the bride who wants a little class with a little sass.

Style #2

Style #3

The updo is one of the more popular hairstyles for today’s bride but this is not your ordinary updo. By combining a twisted bun with a side braid, this hairstyle is perfect for an outdoor wedding theme.

Updo hairsyle

Style #4

For brides with longer hair there are multiple ways a bride can go with her hair. Here are four of today’s most popular styles for long hair. Working from left to right and top to bottom, you can see the first and fourth hairstyles are simplicity at their finest. With soft waves and a few small, twisted sections, this hairstyle is simple and elegant all in one. The next two hair styles show how classy a side swept hairstyle can look. From flowing waves pulled to one side to a slightly pulled apart twist on a braid, brides everywhere feel simply beautiful.

Wavy long hair

Style #5

This side bun is a combination of twisted pieces of hair that are side swept into an elegant bun. The style is soft and timeless. A few flowing pieces in the front brings this hairstyle together to create a breathtaking work of art that is guaranteed to make any bride feel special.

Side bun bridal hairstyle

Style #6

For the bride who wants simple elegance, this is the hairdo for you. This look gives a new twist on the bun. It’s sleek and timeless yet absolutely stunning.

Elegant bridal twist on the bun hairstyle

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