Mapping Out Your Wedding Timeline

When it comes to planning your wedding there is always so much to do. For many the thought of planning a wedding can seem overwhelming. Not everyone is going to have the luxury of having a wedding planner to do things for them. Something as simple as traditional wedding invitation or boxed wedding invitation can seem like a huge task. That is until now.

Here is your simple guide to an amazing wedding:



While a year out may seem like a long time, the truth is, it will fly by before you know it. So at the one year mark you need to:

  • Find and Book Your Venue – Many wedding venues book early so to get the exact location you want, you need to do some research early on.
  • Draft Your Guest List – It’s time to get the guest list ready because before you know it – it will be time to send out the wedding invitations.
  • Register – People are going to start to wonder what to get the lovely couple so register early and it will allow your guests plenty of time to find that special gift.


  • Pick Out Your Wedding Officiant – This gives them plenty of time to mark the date and prepare for the service. In addition some officiant’s may require pre-marital counseling or something similar so this gives you time to prepare for this.
  • Find and Choose the Vendors for Your Wedding – Every detail of your wedding needs to be perfect so pick out the company or companies to handle your food, decorations, music, etc. Don’t save this detail for the last minute.
  • Engagement Photos – Now is the perfect time to get your engagement photos taken. Many couples like to make the announcement in their hometown newspapers and this is the perfect time to do that.
  • Female Bridal Party Dresses – Now is the perfect time to begin shopping around to find the perfect dresses for the females in your wedding party. Sometimes, depending on the dress it can take a few weeks or even a few months to get the dresses in and get them sized just right so start now.



  • Your Wedding Dress – You need to order your wedding dress between 8 months and a year out. The reason being that you want to make sure your dress is ordered, arrives and is fitted in plenty of time. If you can wait until the 8 month mark to order then that is perfect because it gives you time just in case the dress needs any last minute alterations.
  • Cake Time – Now is the time to select a baker. Begin by setting up cake tastings to see the baker’s portfolio as well as sample some of their cakes.
  • Reserve Hotel Blocks – If you will be blocking off rooms at a specific hotel, now is the time to get in touch with the hotel and get this set up do that you can include this information in your invitations.



  • Save the Date – It’s now time to get those invitations mailed out. This will give your guests enough time to mark it on their calendars as well as RSVP.
  • Order Your Invitations – It’s time to order your wedding invitations. Do you want traditional invitations or an elegant, boxed invitation? This is your calling card to the world so make sure it represents you well.
  • Time to Book the Honeymoon – There is so much planning for the special day that it’s easy to overlook the honeymoon. If you have time to take one begin looking now so you can book one. Again travel discounts and locations can be determined by the seasons and dates so plan ahead.
  • Wedding Rings – If you haven’t already, be sure to get the wedding rings purchased or at least ordered so they can come in on time.


  • Groomsman Attire – Take this time to select the attire of the groomsman. Make sure that they coordinate with your bridesmaids dresses.
  • Plan Rehearsal Dinner – Now is the time to start planning the rehearsal dinner. Begin looking at locations. Most placed will need at least a 2 week to 30 day notice.
  • Confirm Vendors – Confirm all the details with your vendors. You want to make sure that everything is as you want it and will be on schedule.
  • Hair and Makeup – If you don’t have a hairstylist then now is the time to preview stylists and makeup artists to determine who you want to go with for your special day.

Hair & Makeup


  • Send the invitations/RSVP – It’s now time to get those invitations mailed out. This will give your guests enough time to mark it on their calendars as well as RSVP.
  • Vowels – If you are writing your own vowels then now is the time to begin. You may go through several drafts before you settle in the final version.
  • Transportation – If you are going to have a limo or some other type of car service then now is when you want to make those arrangements.


  • Marriage License – It is time to get the marriage license! Remember you can’t get married without it.
  • Programs – If you are having wedding programs printed then you want to place the order now.



The bulk of the work is behind you so now you need to enjoy your bridal shower as well as plan for your bachelorette party!


This is the time to make those last minute verifications with all your vendors as well as the venue. You also want to do a last fitting if needed for those last minute touch ups.


This is the last week before the big day so schedule your massage, get your nails done, get your waxing completed, schedule your spray tan and then get ready for one of the most memorable days of your life because now…….it’s time to get married!


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