The Most Amazing Wedding Photos

Every couple dreams of that special day. It’s the friends and family that gather around for this momentous occasion, all the amazing food and drinks as well as the memories being made. Once it’s all said and done, it’s the photos that capture those moments together.

Here is a peak into some of those amazing wedding moments captured on film (all photos taken from Pinterest):


This photo captures everything that is breathtaking and beautiful. The décor at this wedding gives you a fantasy backdrop that literally screams that some magic fairy is going to come out and bless the ceremony.

The draped lights hanging from the trees give this magical moment that picture perfect image.

Add a boxed wedding invitation  in a color and material that is reflective of the brides gown and you’ve got a wedding that everyone will remember for years to come.


This wedding captures that ethereal image. From the flower lined sidewalk and rose bushes to the hanging lights and flower covered trellis, this wedding screams sanctuary.


This wedding gives the illusion of a winter wonderland. The white palette makes this wedding theme crisp and clean. The clear lights running overhead can represent starry nights or snowflakes. Either way this is a mesmerizing reception.

There is nothing ordinary about this wedding. This picture would have been perfect either way but the massive tree in the background with the hanging lights catapults this moment into infamy.


This picture gives a new meaning to the term “winter wonderland”. The flow of white encapsulated with the blue light makes you think winter and snow. The trees overlapping the guests as well as the wedding platform gives you the feel of a winter forest that is truly mesmerizing.


Who says that lighting can change the dynamics of your wedding photography? The simple lighting touches in this photo capture the moment, but also makes a huge; amazing statement. This is one of the most breathtaking photos and it’s all because of the use of lighting in the right way.


The combination of lighting and sheer fabric changes the dynamics of traditional wedding photography. The couple almost appears as a silhouette but upon closer look the couple becomes the focal point of the photo.

The outdoor setting combined with the lighting and fabric captures the moment perfectly. It’s like the wedding dress and backdrop feed off of one another.


Sometimes the simplest of touches can make such a dramatic difference. The grass runner combined with mason jars filled with candles is a simplistic yet elegant touch.

It can turn an average wedding theme into something truly extraordinary.


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