5 Ways to Add Pizzazz and Fun to Your Wedding Reception

When planning a wedding there is so much to think of and to take into consideration. Should you go with a traditional wedding invitation or a boxed wedding invitation? What should the color scheme be? How many guests need to be invited? What kind of food should you serve? The list could literally go on and on.

Today’s bride is finicky but in a good way. While the actual wedding ceremony is the main focal point, the wedding reception is the next thing that your guests will remember. So how can you add pizzazz to you wedding reception? Here are a few ways (photos taken from Pinterest):

Add Unique Touches to Include the Bridal Party

Add unique touches like the photo collection below to include as well as thank the bridal party for making the bride and groom’s day special. Special touches like this are personal and say a lot to those who have helped you make this day special.


Make the Reception Interactive

When planning your reception, give your guests, as well as yourself, a way to help you remember this special day. Here is one way to do that. This anniversary piñata will be filled by your guests with quote, jokes, a note, words of wisdom, etc. On the bride and groom’s one year anniversary it is popped open and the contents read. It’s a great way to not only reminisce about that special day but to possibly get some words to live by.


Make the Reception Fun and Whimsical

By incorporating fun and unique items like this wheel at your reception you get your guests involved in the fun and you have a little fun yourself. This is a time to celebrate and to let loose so include whimsical items to make the night memorable.


Remember the Reception Has After Effects

While the wedding is fun and games and dancing the night away remember that sometimes too much fun can carry over into the next day. So create these unique wedding “hangover kits” for your guests that include things like Tylenol, water or Gatorade, coupons for breakfast, etc. Get creative because your guests will thank you the next day.


Share the Love

Weddings are all about love. Share that love with your wedding guests by including edible creations like this S’mores wedding gift. It’s a cute way to say thank you for coming and give your guests a sweet treat to take home with them.


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