Why Bright Colors Are a Hit with Today’s Bride

When planning the wedding of your dreams there are so many things that have to be taken into consideration. One of the first places a bride begins after setting her wedding date is what will the colors be for the wedding?

For years, colors like black and white, red, gold and silver have all been common. However various colors schemes have been introduced but these are usually pastel colors. However, that was yesterday and this is today and today’s brides are looking at brighter colors.

Colors are bold and daring mixed with pastels to make the perfect combination. Below are just some of the colors schemes being used (pictures taken from Pinterest):

Pink, Rose and Lavender

1  2

This color combination is perfect for that Fall/Winter wedding. It brings with it a mix of a delicate rose pink with a deeper wine color along with an array of purple hues. This color palette is classic and simple but visually stunning. Use this palette as is or combine it with other palettes to suit your needs.

For the Love of Green

3  12 - Mood Board- Retro Roses

Green has always been a popular color for weddings but today’s bride is looking for more than the traditional dark green’s used.

The green for today’s wedding are more vibrant and colorful. They say spring is in the air and bring a sense of revival to the wedding theme. Weddings using these shades of green stand out in the room but aren’t overly dramatic. While subtle in their own way they still make a statement. This color palette can be sued as is or combined with other vibrant colors to make a beautiful wedding.

Champagne Yellow

5  6

This array of yellow ranges from a light pastel, almost cream color to a vibrant, sunflower yellow.

This is for the bride who wants to have a sense of awakening at her wedding. This array of yellows combines classic simplicity with a bolder yellow that says “it’s time to wake up and get this party started.”

Vibrant Fall Colors

7  8

The fall color palette is vibrant and bold. This color scheme brings a variety of vibrant colors that blend perfectly together.

When combined with a cream or even white wedding dress, this color palette stands out in the crowd. It makes a statement that is festive and daring. This bride wants to energize her wedding with a color scheme that will brighten not only her day but that of the guests as well.

Today’s wedding color palettes are brighter and bolder than ever. That’s because today’s brides have something to say and they are saying it with vibrant colors.

Don’t forget that you can customize boxed wedding invitations to match any of these colors schemes easily. With a customized boxed wedding invitation you will set the tone for your wedding early on.



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