The 8 Most Unique Wedding Themes

Your wedding is a special event. While love is in the air not every wedding is a traditional wedding. For some couples they want to go outside the box because their relationship and who they are is outside the box. Why should the wedding day be any different? The theme of your wedding is a piece of each of you. So what will your theme say about you?

We’ve scoured the internet and found some of the most unique wedding themes. Perhaps they will give you some ideas or they may just give you something to enjoy.

  • The Harry Potter Express – For those who truly love Harry Potter, it only makes sense that the theme befits the almighty wizard. Table assignments were elegantly displayed with each guest getting their own wand as a party favor. (Photo: Geoff White Photographrs)1
  • Twilight: The Wedding – The Twilight Saga was one of the top selling sagas both in print and on the big screen. Fans of all ages fell in love with Bella and Edward’s “opposites attract” romance. It only seemed logical that there would be fans that would turn this epic into their wedding theme. (Photo: Segerius-Bruce Photography)


  • Sports Theme – Any sports lover’s dream would be to have their wedding theme based around their favorite sport. From place cards to party favors, every detail screams sports.


  • For the Love of Gamers – Today more than ever there are numerous people obsessed (in a good way) with gaming. It’s what they love to do. For these individuals having a wedding based on the theme of their favorite game is important to them. Every detail down to the cake represents their gaming life.


  • Carnival Themes – For some the love of the carnival isn’t just a thing of the past. Incorporating that unique carnival theme into the wedding makes it fun and interesting. Carnival like stations can be positioned throughout the wedding/reception venue.


  • Rustic Weddings – Rustic weddings are down home and earthy. They have a simplicity and elegance about them. Using rustic and natural elements this wedding theme is a winner with many brides.


  • Floral Themes – If you have a love for flowers then a floral theme seems the way to go. In the example below the bride loves red roses and so the entire wedding was based around this. It can turn out truly stunning


  • The Walking Dead – One thing is for certain, The Walking Dead television series has taken the world by storm. Fans find the zombie craze intoxicating. For these fans, wedding photos are definitely one to remember. (Photo: Josiahx on Reddit)


No matter what you do make your theme represent you. This is an event you will want to remember for years to come and it’s your day. So make it everything you want and more. Take the things you truly like and revolve your wedding around it. Think of all the fun you will have looking at the photos years down the road.

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