How To Create A Unique Wedding Invitation That’s As Special As You Are

When love is in the air there is usually a wedding to follow. As with any wedding, there is so much planning to do. Every intricate detail needs to be perfect. After all, it’s your special day!

The reason the two of you are together is because you are a perfect pair but a unique pair. If everyone was alike the world would be a dull place. So when it comes to your wedding invitation why shouldn’t it be as amazing and unique as you are? From the actual invitation to the R.S.V.P. cards your wedding invitation needs to represent each of you.

Here are a few samples of some of the most unique wedding invitations:



If you want to combine a sense of class with your unique attributes than designing your own boxed wedding invitation may be an option for you. The best part about custom designing your invitation is that you can customize it to fit you and your fiancé. You can select the fabric, the ribbon, the color, etc. The invitation can range from simple to elegant. No matter what, it’s all up to you.

Here are just a few of the unique boxed wedding invitations that have been created:


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You’ve waited for this special day for a long time. It only makes sense that the day represents everything that makes your relationship one of a kind. So when it comes to your wedding invitation get creative. Imagine the look on your guests face when they open a box that is breathtaking on the outside and the inside. By customizing your wedding invitation you can match it perfectly to your wedding theme and colors.

To get started you need to think about the style of invitation that will represent the wedding couple. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want something simple, classic or elegant?
  • Do I want the invitation to reflect a sense of humor?
  • Do I want it to represent the things we love most in life (i.e. traveling, hunting, fishing, cooking, etc.)?
  • Do I go with a vibrant color or a pastel color?
  • Do I want to include a photo?

While the wording and styling needs to precise, how you present your invitation could leave a lasting impression. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable and your wedding invitation sets the tone for your upcoming nuptials. The question is what will your wedding invitation say about you?

If you’re not sure how to put together the perfect wedding invitation then feel free to contact us and one of our staff will be happy to discuss your needs. Our goal is to create the invitation of your dreams. We’re not happy until you are happy.

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