Five Inspiring Celebrity Wedding Invitations

Five Inspiring Celebrity Wedding Invitations

Celebrity weddings are always a source of inspiration when planning a special occasion. From the first announcements to the celebration, and sometimes right on to the divorce, there is sure to be glitz, glamour, and fantasy at every turn. We’ve picked through a mountain of images to bring you a selection of celebrity’s luxurious wedding invitations – so get ready to get inspired!

1. Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici

These custom wedding invitations were designed by Smitten on Paper and have a fun, relaxed feel meant to convey the spirit of the couple. Mixing Edwardian-type calligraphy with an all caps sans serif font gives the invite a sense of elegance underlying the playful nature of the text. Rather than going all out, over-the-top crazy, the couple has truly given us a window into their love.

2. Kim Kardashian & Kristopher Humphries

The thick cream paper with filigree corners and a debossed message in deepest black is enclosed in a crisp white box conveys the black tie nature of the affair. The closed box front displays the couple’s monogram surrounded by a damask pattern all in timeless black and silver. While currently remembered mostly for the speed at which they went from wed to dread, the couple’s beautiful boxed wedding invitations will continue to be a model of elegant formality.


3. Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson

Each invitation was foil printed on paper that had been hand painted with a watercolor wash. The edges of the paper were torn, and the invitation placed in a floral print box festooned with tiny, perfect, pink rosebuds. The calligraphy, designed by Kelle McCarter of Designs Girl, gives each invitation the sense of being a hand written letter from a past era directing the recipient to a magical experience. These gorgeous handcrafted invitations are straight out of every little girl’s fantasy… albeit with a great deal of grown up sophistication.

4. Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz

Bold, brash, and memorable, this rock and roll meets children’s goth is cute enough to spawn its own TV show. The card gives a glimpse through a keyhole to a bride and groom’s table that is, in a moment of unintentional foreshadowing, vacant. These invitations certainly stand out and, even if the marriage didn’t make it, the invitations were well worth the effort.


5. Eva Longoria & Tony Parker

For bold and glamorous, don’t look any farther than these burgundy and gold works of art. With invitations that appear to have been made directly from the softest petals of deep red roses, it’s hard not to reach out to the computer screen to touch them. The frontispiece is a gold foil Eiffel tower and the richly elaborate monogram script positively exudes Parisian luxury. From the gold-edged enclosures to the creamy parchment announcement, no stone is left unturned in the creation of this couple’s custom designed wedding invitations.

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