Luxury Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation is like what a trailer is to a movie. It provides a sneak preview of what to expect on your wedding day to your guests. Will it be formal, classy, elegant, modern, or laidback? That is why it is important for the bride and the groom to make sure that the wedding invitations are personal and unique as their wedding will be. It is always just a matter of asking, “How do we start?” and “How should we do it?” If you are now asking those very questions, we believe we have just what you want here.

Luxury Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation is your gift to your guests. It gives the recipient a chance to witness a milestone in your life – something that will bind you forever. So just like a real gift, why not have it wrapped in a box ad high quality silk?

Each invitation box is made from only the finest materials – fabric, silk, lace, hemp, crystal embellishments, beads, sequins, ribbon bands, papers, etc. – all will be customized to fit your wedding theme and concept. Are you planning a beach, backyard, garden or destination wedding? How about a theme that pops – country rustic, eclectic bohemian, 60’s mod, 30’s glamour, Victorian vintage? Or will it be an ambience to match the current season – winter, spring, summer, or autumn? Let your invitation tell your story through our unique wedding invitation boxes.

Invitation BoxIvory Silk Box

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