Top Five Destination Wedding Locations

Work the details: Have a unique wedding invitation! 

A destination wedding can only take full effect if every detail matches the location and the occasion. Be sure that your invitation is one of a kind and spell out your dream wedding as soon as it reaches your guests’ doorstep.

One idea is to have a wedding invitation that is customized to your destination wedding needs. Invitations can have prints of sea life creatures and elements depending on your liking. Instead of typical silk fabrics and ribbons, it will be made with linen, burlap and embellished with real dried starfish or clam shells enough to give you and your guests that dreamy feel you have when lazily basking in the sun by the beach.

Luxury Wedding Invitations

You can either get married at venues as near as Las Vegas or Central Park, or go as far as old chateaus in France, mountain top in New Zealand, or at historical buildings in romantic cities of Italy. But after a wet and windy winter, a bride can only dream of the sun, the tropics and a walk by the beach. Nothing makes a wedding more romantic than a ceremony done with the sands between your toes, the calming effect of sea breeze and your background of sunset disappearing on the horizon. Make your wedding as romantic as your honeymoon.

Top Wedding Destination Venues

1. Bora Bora
This is a small island located in the Pacific that has since been a major honeymoon spots for newlyweds. It is blessed with gorgeous beaches and lush sceneries. You can stay at the resorts near the beach front or if you are willing to spend some, rent your own private villa. The island despite its size offers a variety of activities for you and your guests after the wedding.

2. Bali, Indonesia
If you want a wedding with cultural immersion and exotic beauty, then a ceremony in the charming province of Bali is just perfect. The beaches offer spectacular venues for your wedding and the hospitality of the people is just so genuine.

3. The Caribbean
The Caribbean covers a large geographical area with several breathtaking islands to choose from. Some wedding-friendly islands are St. Martin, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos, the US Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

4. Hawaii
When we talk about gorgeous beach, Hawaii never fails to top it all. Islands of Kauia, Maui and Oahu offers pristine beaches that is just picture-perfect. Enjoy its awe-inspiring waterfalls and laid-back vibe if you choose to get married here.

5. Costa Rica
Whether you have an adventurous spirit for some hiking or prefer a lazy walk by the white sand beach, Costa Rica offers an array of wedding venues that will provide your wedding with that special touch.


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