Top 5 Tips for an Unforgettable Wedding

1. Invite your guests with unique wedding invitations

Start the most important day of your life with a wedding invitation that really stands out. Your invitations will set the tone for the rest of your wedding so make it count. Go with a style that is true to you and your partner.

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2. Choose a one of a kind venue

Your wedding should speak to you and yours; first and foremost. Where you spend your big day should be as unique as you are. There are many courtyards (think summer) and public gardens and grassy rooftops all around. Take a drive or a walk and discover them. Another great idea which is always a safe bet is having your wedding in a vineyard. Close your eyes and think of vast and lush green fields of grapes. Most vineyards are well-suited for that ever growing guest list, have the space to add a big enough dance floor to do anything, and parking will be a breeze for everyone.

3. Use fresh flora on your cake

This is probably the most elegant statement for your wedding cake. Flowers, herbs, and plants of all colors are going to impress everyone. Mint stalks are bright shades of green with little purple flowers on top. Roses of varying shades of soft pinks on a cake are very elegant.  Really ‘wow’ your guests with your favorite buds asymmetrically cascading down your cake; throw in some variety of course, with orchids, flowers on the vine (any kind you like), and striking orange nerines. Well placed calla lilies are another clean and classic idea.

4. Create a drink menu for the party

This is an easy one. Choose four or five drinks that can be named by those witty people in your circles. Enlist your bartender friend to help on this one. Name one drink for the day of your nuptials. How cool does it sound to order a “Six Fifteen” (if your wedding was on June 15th)? Do you and your partner have a celebrity name a la “Brangelina”? Add a bonus point for having liquor in it that you both enjoy. Where did you two meet? Have a drink named ‘the mutual friend” and honor the person that introduced you.  You can print the list at home and purchase or use frames you already own, set up a couple at the bar; it will entertain your guests while they wait for a drink.

5. Dance to your own music

Couples, unfortunately, often lose sight of the wedding as their own event. And it is YOUR event. Don’t think about the music as having to be a crowd pleaser. Think about it as what music you enjoy, or your partner enjoys, or your immediate families enjoy. DJ’s can make weddings tacky. If you’re going to have one, give him a list of DONTS, and be very clear about how important this is that he/she sticks to it. Hire a band that understands the music you enjoy, whether it is Motown, Jazz, Salsa, Funk, Classic Rock, or my personal favorite wedding music- a mix of Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr., among others of that scene. Your guests will be floored (and ready to hit the floor).  Some of the best (and best priced) bands are music students happy to make a buck. They have their own equipment and can probably borrow additional items from their school. Some students specialize in specific genres but they will all be well rounded, and can also point you to their friends. Feel them out first, make sure they seem responsible, and don’t give them anything more than a deposit up front.


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